Friday, January 28, 2011

The Best Ever 'Fried' Rice

I had to come up with something to make on the fly and since my new bent is to try and use up whatever is leftover in the fridge, on this particular January night I was left staring blankly at a pot of cold steamed jasmine rice. Then I heard Ken's tires hit the gravel as he backed into the driveway and the realization that I had forgotten to plan for dinner was clearly evident by the two scrawny boneless, skinless breasts that I had thawed out. My mind flashed back to the spartan lunch I sent with him that morning and the even more austere breakfast that I had served him before he left the house--over NINE HOURS earlier. My panic was underscored by the slam of the front door because I could tell in its very tone that he was hungry and a hungry husband is far more frightening (and real) than the approach of 2012.

Thank God I'm a fast thinker and a clever woman for before he even cleared the kitchen doorway, I had the frying pan piping hot and as he bent to kiss me, I was pouring in the last of the farm fresh eggs, so that as our lips met, the only sound I heard was the sizzle of the pan.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Healthy Duo

This week, I caved into being sick--I put up a good fight, but in the end, the chest cold beat me into submission. What really sucked was when I lost my voice. I had a hard day of teaching, but Ken, the ever wonderful husband, hooked me up with a bowl of homemade Pho. Out of gratitude, I rewarded him with a healthy carrot cake. Check out the recipes and light your stoves--I'm off to the farmers market to see what my local farmers are harvesting this week.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Winter Repast

I'll never understand how winter vegetables and fruits are so underrated by the masses. Over the next few weeks, as I keep true to my resolution to visit the farmers market on a weekly basis, I will be waxing poetic on the joys of winter fare--kale and chard, rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, fennel and blood oranges, Myer lemons and whatever else I am forgetting to mention.
This post, however, is about a simple Tuesday dinner that I threw together; one that serves as a winter staple in my house and that is also deeply soul satisfying and healthy. With all the recent health problems in our families (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure), I decided to start incorporating a few posts of the things I cook, which are heart healthy and pretty simple. Hopefully, these 'inspirational' dishes will inspire my family members.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Creme Fraiche and a Slew of Resolutions

I spent New Year's morning lounging in bed and channel surfing. It wasn't that I had too much to drink (I didn't) or that I was delaying the start of 2011, but it was rainy and windy and cold outside and it certainly required a bit more motivation on my part. Anyhow, Food Network had all their shows centered around breakfast (by the way, I think that is fabulous thinking on their part) and of course, I wound up glued to Bobby Flay's take on the morning meal.

I'd like to point out here that I really do love breakfast--especially for dinner. But, I do have some weird quirks when it comes to what I like and what I don't. First off, I am not at all about pancakes or waffles, I don't care for donuts or sweet rolls or coffee cake (although, I wouldn't be opposed to those on a rare occasion at another time of day); when it comes to eggs, I like mine over medium and trust me when I tell you that that is an impossible request--people just can't cook an egg that way. I also like poached eggs--a lot--which means that I could easily be viewed as high maintenance when it comes to sliding into the local dinner.

There are things, too, that I adore about breakfast. Chiefly, potatoes--any way, any style, and with any added ingredients.  I also like sausage, but only sausage patties and those are fairly hard to find and I rarely order them. Usually, for me, breakfast out consists of an order of potatoes, dry sourdough toast and extra, extra sides of salsa with Tabasco. Then, while my dining companions are munching away on the normal fare, I concoct potato and salsa sandwiches.