Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shrimp Acapulco and Naughty Sunbathing

The title is just a mean trick to see if you're here about the food, or something else entirely. But, it is true, the day I made this, there was some naughty sunbathing involved--NO SUNSCREEN. I know; but my friend, Nina, came down for a girl's weekend visit and gorging ourselves on this fabulous shrimp concoction and being high out of our minds on too many corn chips and some good old fashioned peer pressure led to our naughtiness. After all, girls will be girls.

But, don't be like me and Nina--wear your sunscreen--it's important. However, don't worry about eating too many corn chips, because this Shrimp Acapulco is definitely worth it and a corn chip is the best vehicle to scoop up big tasty mouthfuls.