Monday, April 19, 2010

Pismo Beach Monarchs

This picture is from a ride that we took back in late February, but when I came across it, I was reminded of how fantastic and mesmerizing it was to experience this bit of nature so I decided that a quick post was in order.

Every year, from late fall to the end of February, the butterflies migrate to a grove of eucalyptus and pine trees to mate. I think they call the trees "Butterfly Trees" during this time period because there are so many butterflies resting on the tree leaves that it looks as if the trees are covered in orange and black leaves. It really is an amazing experience to walk through the grove and in every direction and upon every branch is a cluster of these amazing pieces of nature. We actually thought that we would be arriving too late in the season to see that many, but even that late in February there were literally thousands of them--can't imagine what it looked like at the height of the season, but I will be putting this on my calendar for next year and will definitely make a point of visiting at a more 'bountiful' time.


  1. Wow! I love this site! My hobby site is on blogspot too.

    So fascinating about the monarchs. They are so few in Minnesota since they tore down so much of our milkweed that grew by the train tracks. I will look forward to next years entry. It will be awesome to see what it's like during the peak of mating.

    So is this where you will post INSTEAD of 3fc, or will you continue to post there also?

    (I'm a huge fan of Ella Fitzgerald and Flamenco music! That was so cool to read on your profile.)

  2. hope you don't mind but i've added you to my list of blogs to follow.